Saturday, May 23, 2015

Thesis Segment~"A Friend For Meelo" by Me


May 5 2016 - I have been too busy!!

I think it is quite interesting how, having my final review just around the corner, I have neglected to add things here! Not that I haven't been on top of everything but still. My directed studies have given me a lot of time to work on my thesis (so direct yourself to those sections). Those classes have really helped me out so much. But, my thesis is all completed. After critiques, re-do's, and adjustments, I have a solid body of work to get myself out into the world.

April 29 2016-

I figure it would be a good idea to place some pictures about my process when it comes to my painting. As I work on my last one, I felt this would be a great way to wrap it all up now that I have established a really solid way I go about my work:

After everything is critiqued and adjusted, I would transfer the drawing onto the final surface through a light table

Stretched and ready!

Any huge area that needs to be painted in I misket off all edges around it to protect the surrounding areas but also control the watercolor.

After that area is painted in, I then take that misket off (masking fluid for those who do not know), and go to the next area.

Masking off characters so I can freely work on the surrounding areas.

Getting there...

I can finally see that creature so I am going to move on.


Creature by creature.

Almost there, and then I start to bring things all together, adding final details.


January 15, 2016- It's been awhile

I love seeing that I haven't updated this section of my thesis since I last 'worked on it' back in May. But I will say I have been working on developing Meelo in my previous Character Design for Animators class (please see that section to see Meelo's progression). Taking that class allowed me to really think about what it takes to develop a character/story. It was a lot of work, A LOT of drawing, but I see how important it is to draw over and over again to get. After the class was over, and after some well deserved time dedicated to sleep, family, sleep, and eating a lot, I finally dropped right back into work for my thesis.

I finally was able to take another look at Meelo's story, including the 32 pg spread. I will say, I need to re-develop that. After going through a few more thumbnails based on the ideas I already established in that spread, I was able to create the solid ideas for my 5 works dedicated to Meelo. I am so happy to say that I can look at these drawings and really say to myself," Yes, they are where I want them to be." I am sure that every artist on this planet creates works that they feel are not there yet. I felt that way after I created to spread. After some good amount of time for developing, re-doing, and drawing, drawing, drawing, I am able to bring myself to a point where I look at my work and see professional quality design and composition. And not just professional, but personal too. I am able to say I have a style now, and I like that feeling.

All sketches are done on tracing paper and are 14x22"

I am so proud of myself.

May 25, 2015- Progressing...

I had some individuals contact me asking to put up some progression stages when I do my pen work and to see how I develop my pieces. Someday I will try to do a progression on a full narrative one of these days, but I will start here with Meelo. This little character sketch was fun to do.

May 23, 2015- This is Meelo

Above is my main character, Meelo, in A Friend for Meelo, an original story I wrote. I am still developing him as a character, so I will leave you with just his character portrait. Below is my 32 page book layout for my story. I am not going to be doing every single double page panel, but I am required to have this layout established otherwise. I am going to be taking the cover and 4 double page illustrations to turn into final pieces.
This also is still in development, as I await for next Fall when I am able to sit down with my Director to get his feedback on this and everything else I can establish when that time comes. The characters here are still in the developmental stage, but they are on the right track.

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