Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Personal Works

I herby dedicate this post as a PLACE FOR ARTISTIC EXPLORATION!!!!! Or, in a least formal sense, I will post all of my extras that I feel are portfolio worthy outside of my thesis. I always find that, when in art school, it is good for a student to always branch away from your classwork, homework, and just your overall need to be constantly sketching/attending workshops, to do a little something more to bring it all together. I tend to find these pieces ten to take a long time, seeing how I would be working on them without a need for a deadline alongside assignments that do have deadlines. but, nonetheless, they help me stay sane.

August 26, 2015:

Little One, pen and watercolor, 4x6"

A Visitor in Momma's Woods, watercolor, colored pencil, 11x14"

This one, I will add, is one I am not fully proud of. I am proud that I was able to challenge myself, head-on, to tackle one of my problems when I develop narrative: Pushing things back/creating depth through perspective, and I am proud of, well, my face! I feel that the rest is somewhat under-developed because they were becoming 'over-developed.' This, I feel, is the first piece where I am now bringing in all my interests, skills, and knowledge into one solid piece. But because this was taking me so long, and my watercolor skills are still not where I want to be, I began to work it too much, making some aspects too overworked. So I stopped.
Yes, it is a piece I am proud of very much, yes it is a piece that I see a lot of improvement in myself with, but it is not my best all around. It all dwindles down to the fact that I don't completely understand watercolors fully yet. I am a layer-er. I layer too much because I cannot see/understand how I want my values to look in terms of my colors. I understand what I want to accomplish via value pattern, but my values in terms of color is still weak, which then makes me overwork areas. I am hoping to attack this weakness in one of my classes that I am taking this upcoming fall. We will see!


August 26, 2015:
Well I am updating a few things before I head out tomorrow on my journey to the west. One is the fact that I have been busy doing quite a few commissioned pieces this past summer that were finally delivered to thier now owners a couple of weeks ago. It is always so nice to be supported for my work, and to be paid for it! Helps me out so much when I need supplies!

Charcoal and Pastel on Reeves BFK, 16x20"

Left: Echo- Jet Black and calm Tennesse Walker
Middle: Farrah- Sassy and know she's a beautiful horse (not sure of the breed, but she is a high bred German breed, I'll get back to you on that one)
Right: Vinnie- Very thick muscled, laid back Thoroughbred

All these horses are owned by a woman named Paula. She is lucky to have them. They were all so fun to work with!

 Next we have a couple of horses that have been at this barn I have gone to since I was 12. Alongside them are picture taken by the owner, Melanie. I am so glad to have captured their likeness and personalities so well!

Foxfire's designated position. He is a wonderful Quarter horse.

Flex's designated position. He is always cradling his head back and forth in the stall, but always seems to hold himself high in the fields.

Both are Oil on wood panel, 11x14"