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Directed Study: Fantasy Illustration (Spring 2016)

Module 13:

Next and final assignment. With my final review creeping up and time has been in rush mode. But I wanted to do a good narrative for this last piece. I am doing the scene in the end where Susan, Edmund, Peter, and Lucy chase the white stag into the forest where they see the lamppost; the first symbol of Narnia.
I did recieve some really good feedback with this sketch. So many of my peers and my professor kept going back and forth with suggestions and the like. I will be adding more detail and stretching the narravite out to create a more double page spread feeling. I hope I'm not taking too much on for the last one. Just hope I can dedicate enough time and energy in this to make it great.

Module 12:

Final Illustration was due. Not my best piece, but it was a good experiment to try and draw children. I feel that I am not horrible at them, but I need a lot of work. Of course, Aslan looks just dapper and handsome

Module 11:

Mid point, not the best. I adjusted what I could, and did better on the children, but I have a long way to go. I feel that I am getting better at children. I look at the piece and I can see my ideal style emerging, just not my full understanding of children. Like I said, this piece is a great practice run. I want to re-do the idea after this schooling is over. Yet I am sure by that time I would be ready to move on to other ideas!

Module 10:

Rough week. I am going to be facing a weakness of mine for this assignment: children. I know, I should be pretty confident about drawing children when going into children's book illustration, but I have major problems with them. I am strong with my animals and have no problem personifying them as children, but human children I haven;t practiced nearly enough on those.

I made sure to tell my professor that this piece is more of a practice for me. It won't be perfect as I will be trying to face my issues, but nonetheless, I hope to get something out of it. It will get done and be a finished piece, but not my strongest.

I have been given suggestions to make them more child-like, so I will go back to adjust them. Hopefully they become a bit more successful.

Module 9:

Number 3 done! I didn't receive much feedback for the final since it was quite finished. What I did get was little things like outlining the hill as well to show that my character's are related as part of the foreground. All in all, I am happy with it. I will have to re-scan it though since the scanner I usually use wasn't working and I had to piece a lot of small scans together (which still were not good).

Module 8:

And it begins again! I had a really informal class this week. I had to stop painting my current assignment because I was so afraid of jumping into the rest of the piece. Seeing how this class is challenging me to paint so much more than my normal forests and animals, that I had to ask my professor how to go about doing the rest of my piece. Seeing how it is a sun set scene, containing colors and understanding of how light influences surfaces, I didn't know how to begin with the rest of my figures. He suggested to go into it firstly with a payne's grey, to almost outline where your darks are going to be, and then go from there.
This is the stage before I did that, but I will say,, the piece is progressing so well!I feel that, with every piece I do in this class I really am able to gain so much more than I thought I would.

Module 7:

Next! I am very excited to move on to the next assignment. This class is really allowing me to produce some really great portfolio worthy work. My next piece I have decided to focus on something that is a bit low key, or, more so, character driven. I have chosen the moment in the book where Aslan takes Peter aside after his 'First Battle,' to show him Cair Paraveil and all of Narnia. I feel this is a pivotal moment in the book where Peter is told, you have to be a man now, you are the eldest and you are the High King. As I researched this scene, I found that a lot of art was very environment driven. IN the book, Lewis gave a pretty thorough description of the surroundings and how the castle was shining far in the distance. Personally I wanted to show, not the back of Peter and Aslan looking onto the horizon, but I wanted to show the interaction between them; an adolescent boy having that moment that he must become a man.

My professor likes the idea, but did offer some good insight on what to change to make gestures more obvious and better use of directional forces. I will say, the comment of making gestures more apparent is something I thought of but it was more in the back of my mind, and now I know how important it is to push gesture to be super clear to the audience so they understand what is going on.

Module 6:

 Another pretty successful piece and a happy class/professor (more or less). I will say I want to re-do this piece someday. I feel that I can bring it up to a much more solid idea than it is. What I am saying is that it is almost there. There are some things I hope to tweek to make it stronger, fix some shadow shapes, make sure things don't look weird, like how some light falls on places and not on others etc etc.

Module 4/Module 5:

So super excited for this one! I was surprised from the reaction I received from both my professor and classmates. There was no huge changes that they wanted to see. There were suggestions and cautions for the process, but nothing outside of that. I was so happy to know I am doing well for this class.

I also was surprised at the reaction for my mid-pt for the piece. I personally thought I didn't do enough. I probably dedicated a good 12 solid hours to the painting portion, but it was more than enough! My professor loved where it was going, he suggested some things like using photoshop to adjust lights when I get to the final point. But the thing that surprised me was, he said to, "TAKE MY TIME! Don't try to finish this if you can't. This piece needs time." I was so happy for him to say that. I was about to say that this piece was taking me to places I've never been before (haha). I have NEVER done a pretty monochromatic painting with a yellow light source. As well as the fact that All these creature are rocks, and rocks have different reactions on their surfaces to light, and my light is yellow!! haha.

I did dedicate a good amount of time to paint it today, and it looks really good! I am surprised at myself, since I felt this was going to be a pretty good practice piece, but it is getting to a point where I can say it's a very strong portfolio piece.

Module 3:
I am loving this class! I feel that I have brought my work up to the level I want to be in. I was told to do a few little touch ups for my first piece but, I will say, being able to do this piece in a solid 2 weeks, I am surprised I was able to do it!

As you can see I am now going to be putting my watermark on my work. I feel that my images are up to par with current professional standards, as as well it reflects me. Happy to say I am on the right track for my work.

I have looked into websites but I have not made a solid decision yet. I feel that I haven't been able to generate enough work to fill it up to start with, but I know in the next 2 weeks or so I will be making one up.

Module 2:

I was able to get it started! I am very happy where it is at the moment, and so does everyone else. My professor had a few critiques about it, but, personally, they were more to make it better, yes, but the piece does fine without. Seeing how we had to do both the final sketch and the middle point of the project done in a week, I say I am on the right track. But I am hoping I will be able to finish this so I don't fall behind. I know once the regular 3 week period begins I will be able to make those deadlines with no issues (more than enough time).

But one thing my professor said today I have to share is this: This class is a critique class but, unless you clearly need to work on something, critiques can vary and you don't have to use them (in those word more or less). I was very happy to hear this since I had him for perspective and, if something was wrong, you had to fix it.

Especially since I am doing traditional, I can't very well change huge portions about my works after the being transferred.

Looking at this I will say my drawing skills and painting skills have improved a lot! Even my speed! I am way faster and much more accurate than I use to be.

Module 1:

I am VERY excited for this class. Even though it is a pretty big class, everyone is very much engaged and excited about the fantasy realm! Seeing how, technically, we are a week behind, this first assignment will seemed rushed.
Generally, we have 3 weeks to do an assignment:
- first week you would've already established a final sketch to be critiqued
- second week would be the mid point of your assignment
- and last, you would have the final illustration

Seeing how W1 was to be the start, we spent class coming up with the idea. As this is a directed study for me I get to choose what I want to do, and, seeing how I don't have any children in my portfolio, I am doing C.S. Lewis's Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I am so excited for this. Therefore my first illustration will be when Lucy is going into the wardrobe. I have decided to 're-do' a piece I did for my Character Design for Children's Book class, where I did a wrap-around cover for the novel. I am doing only a segment of it of course because I have always loved that composition I made and felt it needed to be better!

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